Richard (Archie) Dowson

2nd Assistant Chief
Year Started:
Position(s) Held:
Lieutenant 3 terms, Captain 4 terms, Vice President 2 terms, President 4 terms, Secretary 10 terms, Treasurer 13 terms.
Firefighter 1, Firefighter 2, Firefighter 3, Basic Video Tape Recording, Bulding Construction, Principles for Fire Officer 1, Principles for Fire Officer 2, Commanding the Initial Response, Emergency Vehicle Driver’s Course, Firefighter Refresher programs, Fire Photography, Firefighter Health and Safety, Firefighter Safety and Survival, Fire and Arson Detection, Fire Prevention Inspector 1, Fire Service Management and Supervision, Hazardous Materials – Pesticide Challenge, Hazardous Materials – Incident Analysis, Initial Company Tactical Operations, Instructional Techniques for Company Officers, Introduction to Personal Computers, Junior Firefighter Program, Preparing for Incident Command, Pump Operator 1, Recognizing and Identifying Hazardous Materials, Word Processing on Computers, Positive Pressure Ventilation, Firefighter Extrication, Exterior Fire Attack, Bldg Const. for Fire Supp. Forces, Hazmat Awareness, Hazmat Operations, Fire Behavior, Foam, Automobile Firefighting, Propane Firefighting
Misc Info:
Member of the Lodi Relief Association for the past 22 years – 16 as a trustee and the past 6 as a representative. Also a life member of the NJ State Exempt Association.

Third Generation firefighter assigned to Lodi Hose Co. 1