Greg Alberts

Year Started:
Position(s) Held:
Secretary 2005-2007 , Vice President 2007-2008
Firefighter 1; Firefighter 2; Fire Ground Officer Development; Hazardous Materials Level 1 Awareness, Level 2 Operations; Hazardous Materials Incident Analysis; Incident Management System levels 100, 200, 300; National Incident Management System (NIMS, level 700); FEMA Incident Management System Level 800.a (National Response Plan, NRP);FEMA Incident Management System 804 (Emergency Support Function (ESF) #4 Firefighting; FEMA Incident Management System Level 860 (Introduction to the National Infrastructure Protection Plan, NIPP); NJ State Police Boating Safety Course; Fire Vehicle Extrication; Fast Team; Foam Team Member; Flashover; Mask Confidence; CPR/First Aid and AED Trained; First Responder; Building Construction Fire Resistive and Non Combustible; Building Construction Principles and Fire Protection Systems for Company Officers; Incident Safety Officer, Instructional Techniques for Company Officers
Misc Info:
I am a college student at New Jersey City University where I am a Fire Science Major. I was also a volunteer firefighter in Wallington from 2004 to 2008.