Frank M. Corso Jr.


Frank M. Corso Jr. celebrates 60 Years with The Lodi Fire Department!

Rank: Ex-Chief Year Started: 1948
Position(s) Held: Fire Co. Vice President-18 years, Fire Co. Collector-18 years, Fire Co. Secretary,Treasurer and Trustee, served as 612′s Chief Driver, Lieutenant,Captain and Asst. Chief, served as Chief of the Department in 1970,past President and now the Treasurer of the Lodi Exempt Association, past Chaplain to the Department, present Secretary to the Department, Trustee and Representitive to the Lodi Firemen’s Relief Association and Chairman of it’s By Law Commitee
Training: Firefighting at NJ State College in 1951, Company Training 1966, Firefighter 1-1966, Advanced Company Training-1967, Firefighter 2-1982, Field Training Refresher-Foam-1987, Field Training Refresher- Ropes and Knots-1987, Field Training Refresher-Fire Behavior-1987, Emergency Response- Level 1 Awareness-1990, Recognizing and Identifying Haz Mat Materials-1990, Fire Behavior-1990, Haz Mat Awareness Level 1-1990, Positive Pressure Vent-1990, Firefighter Safety and Building Collapse-1990, Fire Safety House-Train the Trainer-1993, Right To Know Retraing-1993, Fire Inspector-1993, Firefighter 1-1995, Level 2 First Responder Operations, IMS-100-1998, Haz Mat Operations-1999, Fire Police-2004, Haz Mat Refresher-2005, Building Construction for Fire Suppression Forces-2005
Misc Info: Exempt since 1955, Life Member in the NJ Firemens Association, Life Member of the NJ and NY Firemens Association, Life Member of the South Bergern Fire Chief’s Association, Life Member of the NJ Fire Chiefs Assocoation, past President and Secretary of the South Bergen Fire Chiefs Association presently serving as the Chaplain, was the Chairman of the first Firemen’s Memorial Park, past Senior Fire Alarm Inspector, presently a Fire Prevention Specialist with Fire Prevention, past Radio Operator at the Fire Base Station, chosen Volunteer of the Year in 1987 by the 38th. District-Bergen County, named Fireman of the Year in 1987 by the Mayor and Council, serving 60 th year